How To Stand (and stay) On a Paddleboard

Confidently standing up on a paddle board is a skill required to paddleboard successfully. One of the trickiest parts is getting into a standing position, second only to the challenge of maintaining that standing position without falling off.

But don’t stress – simply follow these steps to become a pro at paddleboarding with ease and style.

Pre- Paddleboarding Tips

  • You should have with you: your paddleboard, a paddle, a safety whistle, a leash, and suitable clothing for the time of year.
  • Standing up on a paddle board is easier on a wide board. It is recommended to start off with a large one, as this is easier to balance on.
  • Try find an area without too many waves – the calmer the water, the easier for standing! Choppy water is more likely to throw you off your board, so leave that until you’ve had more practice.
  • Additionally, take into account how windy the area (or day) is. Strong winds can either unbalance you and push you into the water, or steer you in directions you don’t want to go in. For a new paddleboarder, It is wise to pick a day where there are light or no winds.

:Getting Onto Your Board

  • Pull the paddleboard out onto the water so that it is no longer touching any ground – about knee-deep is usually right.
  • Hold onto the sides of the board with your hands, and put your knees on the paddleboard. They should be under your shoulders, in the middle of the board – this is almost always parallel to the handle. Make sure that they are parallel to each other also – one further forward than the other can tilt you off balance.
  • Paddle a few strokes in this position, to gain momentum and ensure you are well positioned.

Standing Up

  • Without moving your hands from the board, slowly put one foot down where your knee was. Make sure your heel is down, and your toes are pointing forward. Then move your other foot into position too, in the same way.
  • You should now be in a squatting position. Check that your feet are parallel to each other.
  • Very slowly, lift yourself upwards into a standing position. Try keep your heels flat down on the board as you do this. Put your weight onto the ball of each foot.
  • Paddle a stroke straight after standing up, to keep the momentum and prevent the board from tipping over.

How To Stay Standing

  • Leave your knees slightly bent, and stand with your upper body straight and balanced, not leaning forwards or backwards.
  • Your eyes should look towards the horizon, not down to your board.
  • If you want to shift your weight, move your hips rather than your feet or legs.

When Paddling

  • Over paddling can result in overbalancing and falling off your board. Ensure you keep your hips and body straight, and paddle using your core muscles, rather than your arm strength.
  • Keep your arms more straight than bent.
  • It is important to hold your paddle correctly to keep yourself standing up on a paddle board. The intuitive way to hold the paddle – with the round part towards you – is actually more likely to push you off your board. Hold your paddle with the bent part away from you, as this will allow you to paddle more steadily (and with less splashing!).
  • Put the paddle deep in the water on the side of your board, as far forward as you can reach. Push the water back, pulling your paddle towards the back of your board.
  • To keep a straight path, change between your left and right side every few paddles.
  • To reduce disturbances throwing you off your board, leave yourself plenty of space from other paddleboarders or boats. As well as decreasing the number of waves around your board, the panicked paddling that can result from trying not to bump into someone else is almost a surefire way to send you into the water. So if possible, prevent this from happening before it becomes a problem.

Most importantly: if you do fall off, don’t despair! It happens to everyone. Although hopefully now you’ve read these tips, you’ll be ready to get out on the water and stand up on your paddleboard with no problems at all. Good luck!

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OneShot Elite Mouse

How To Effectively Use Macros With Your Gaming Mouse

Macros in games

A macro is a programmable computer command that is set to one specific key on a keyboard or one specific button on a gamepad. These commands can be comprised of as many keys and buttons as possible and can be set at any trigger rate. Macros allow you to perform combos at the push of a single button and they also allow you to achieve a kind of auto-fire effect where holding down a button or key will read as the button or key being pushed repeatedly faster than you ever could yourself.

Macros, despite some legalistic problems when used in e-sports and competitions, have found a treasured place in modern computer gaming, where controls can be mapped to the players preference. When used appropriately, macros can give you an extreme advantage over both the computer and other players. Let’s take a look at some key ways macros can be used to skyrocket your gaming abilities.

The MetaEdge Gaming Website offers some of the best gaming mice that have the perfect buttons for macros.

Auto-fire in first-person shooters

Obviously, there is a lot of competition in first-person shooters. A simple macro that sets the trigger button to auto-fire will give you a huge time advantage over competing players. This is so rampant that it has actually caused some controversy in FPS circles, and macros are generally disallowed in formal competitions. This may make you hesitant to rely too much on macros if you are looking to get into the competitive angle of things, but for those just looking to have fun kicking butt in their favorite game, macros are an incredibly tempting options to try out.

A lot of times games can just be button-mashing tournaments to see who can press the trigger button the fastest. This has its place, but can put a lot of strain on the finger of casual and professional players alike. With the use of an auto-fire macro, you will be firing at all cylinders all the time, and you can focus your attention on more pertinent needs such as aiming and sipping on your Mountain Dew.

Pulling off tricky combos in fighting games

Another great use for macros is to effortlessly execute combos in fighting games. As fighting games are another notoriously competitive sub-genre of games, macros have found some controversy among fighting game fans as well, but it can’t be argued that there is simple pure joy in executing a ridiculously grandiose combo at the push of a button. Those who rely on macros too much may risk atrophying their actual skills, though, so use macros sparingly and be sure to keep your fingers nimble.

Grinding actions in RPGs and MMORPGs

Macros can be programmed according to your whims, so you can make a macro to perform pretty much any function you could perform on your keyboard, mouse, or gamepad. RPGs and MMORPGs that require lots of grinding can be great places to apply some macro skills, allowing you to plow through hordes and level up XP while not even looking up at the screen.

For anyone who has wasted days upon days of their lives leveling up their characters in virtual reality, the appeal of macros in this area seems totally justified. When you are forced to be actively invested in performing the same dull function over and over just so that you can stand a chance against enemies and other players in a game, it can become incredibly mind-numbing. The thought that there could be some way around this is just too much to resist for many modern gamers.

Program your own

Given that you can make a macro to do whatever you want, there is no limit to how much you can experiment and personalize your macros to fit your gaming needs. A good and totally mappable keyboard, mouse, or gamepad will allow you to become the ultimate creator in any game you play. Macros are fun, easy to use, and work miraculously when integrated properly into gameplay.

The use of macros shouldn’t be looked down upon, as the clever programming of use of macros is just as much an art as the actual gameplay itself. And, it can’t be argued, there are just times when the health of your fingers and wrists is just a little bit more important than playing a game. Or so we’ve been told.

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7 Reasons You Need To Use A Crypto Alert App For Trading

Whether you’re a novice or an advanced trader, a cryptocurrency alert app can help you manage your portfolio. It gives real-time alerts, live crypto conversion, coin updates, and so much more. Here are the benefits of using a crypto alert app.

Gives accurate cryptocurrency alerts

A crypto app notifies you when the price of a coin goes below or above the selected price. Since the market is always on the move, it’s possible to see a coin gain more than 50% of its value. The app will ensure you get real-time data to help you execute the trades professionally. When you get minute-by-minute information, you won’t use outdated info to make your investment decisions. And, you can choose the way you want to receive data such as slack bots, telegram, or discord.

Still, you get informed whether you’re making a profit or a loss. While some apps give alerts based on price changes, some are more powerful. They give advanced options like volume increase/decrease, trading spikes, and percentage increase and decrease. In percent price alert, you get notifications once the price reaches a certain percentage. For instance, you can set an alert to receive an email once Bitcoin goes up by a certain percentage in 5 minutes. The same applies if a coin reaches all-time high/low within 24 hours, 1 week, or 14 days. Other than that, you can receive an alert once a new coin is listed in the exchange.

With an excellent trading strategy, you can make money even when you execute a few trades. A good crypto app should provide signals frequently to suit the different time frames. Another benefit is that even if you lose one signal, you don’t have to wait for too long to get another one.

You can follow crypto news

Cryptocurrency exchanges are open 24/7, so you must keep tabs with the current information. A crypto app will help you keep an eye on the main coins (Bitcoin and Ethereum) and other small coins. Depending on the settings, you can set the specific category of news – high, medium, or low impact. Also, you can filter the cryptocurrency alerts such as exchange new listing, upcoming events, general news, software releases, milestones reached, etc. Some apps have an embedded Twitter widget that displays any news related to crypto. Of course, you can read about the trend before you make your decision.

It’s worth mentioning that you can get updates from the crypto teams. This ensures that you receive curated signals from the leadership teams by cutting through the cryptocurrency space. The basic idea of trading cryptocurrencies is to generate consistent profits. With expert analysts who understand the market, you can be sure you’ll get consistent profit.

Supports thousands of cryptocurrencies

You can track your crypto coins and view your portfolio in fiat currencies. And to define your favorite assets, you can set a priority list. Apart from that, you’ll get a detailed view of the cryptocurrency with add widgets, set price alerts, and more. When you have many cryptocurrencies at your disposal, you can diversify your investment. Keep in mind that you can add or remove cryptocurrencies from the tracking list. It’s easy to work around these two options.

Safe and secure

Most cryptocurrency apps use two-factor authentication to ensure your coins are as safe as possible. Due to the centralized nature of blockchain, the market is perfect for scammers, hackers, and criminals. What’s more, you can use the hide balances feature for additional privacy. With wallet theft alerts, you can easily know when someone is stealing funds from your wallet. You may want to receive notifications when there’s an increase or decrease in the value of your wallet.


You can monitor all the changes in the market based on your preferences. For those who have blown their trading accounts by watching the market hit the stop loss, the app will alert you once your target is reached. But to get the alerts, you have to keep your mobile data on. Besides that, you can get push notifications where cryptocurrency alerts are dumped into your mobile device via SMS.

If a trailing alert notifies you to buy/sell a coin and then it goes against you, it adjusts to the current market price. This gives a trader the flexibility to limit the loss and maximize profit. Generally, the next stop level will be expressed on a percentage of the coin’s price or fixed dollar amount. You can also use a trailing stop for short positions by placing the price above the current market rate.

Final thoughts

There’re hundreds of crypto apps to help you keep tabs on your investment. If you don’t know where to start, you can use a trial-and-error approach to grasp the benefits of the app.

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How to Choose Your Ideal CPI Campaign Provider

The Need for a Competent CPI Advertisement Network

Cost per Install is one of the most advanced forms of digital marketing. And like most internet marketing techniques, your success with CPI marketing depends on the kind of campaign provider you choose. Since CPI is exclusively targeted at mobile applications, it pays to choose a provider that’s experienced in the dynamics of mobile app marketing.

Remember that the mobile app industry is ever-evolving. There are always newer and better products coming up. Indeed, you may have developed one of the most intuitive applications today. However, you must engage a professional campaign provider if you wish to give your app enough exposure. Otherwise, the product will surely be rendered obsolete even before you can recoup your investment on it.

One of the best things about CPI is that results are trackable. As the app developer, you’ll always know when a campaign results in a real app install. However, it takes mastery in CPI marketing to get the average internet user to open an ad, follow a download link and install an app. Fortunately, there are numerous companies out there that can help you realize your mobile app promotion goals. You only have to know where to look.

How to Choose Your Ideal Advertising Network

The following are some of the factors to look out for when choosing a CPI advertising channel.

  1. Understand Their Niche

One unique thing about most mobile apps is that they’re often targeted at specific demographics. As such, you require a campaign provider that understands the spending patterns of members of that particular demographic. For instance, the kinds of consumers that install gaming apps are quite different from those that install fitness apps.

Don’t shy away from asking the company about the areas they specialize in. If they’re specialized in a niche similar to that of your mobile app, then they’re worth considering for your CPI campaigns. As far as possible, avoid companies that deal in generic mobile app marketing.

Remember that you wish to see your product reach its specific target audience with military precision. Therefore, the last thing you want is a jack of all trades. That underscores the importance of hiring established CPI campaign providers. However diversified such companies are, you’ll always find an experienced member of their team that deals with the niche your app serves.

  1. Collaborations with Other Companies

Some CPI advertisement companies collaborate with other ad networks to widen the scope of their marketing campaigns. Collaboration with several ad networks is great in terms of ensuring your mobile app receives a wider exposure. However, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee results.

The fact that most people can view an ad doesn’t necessarily imply they will take action. For more targeted efforts, you can choose a company that employs a set of pool apps where they advertise in. That’s especially true if the apps all belong to the same niche.

  1. What Are The Metrics Involved?

A mobile app is a business and as such, it should always be able to generate continuous income. To make that happen, you must choose a platform that offers various metrics for tracking your payouts. That implies dictating how your app generates income.

There are numerous ways you can monetize your app. You can choose to monetize it when a user makes their first purchase or when they spend a certain amount of money. A gaming app may be monetized when the user reaches particular levels in the game. There are also free-to-download apps which you monetize through in-app transactions.

Free-to-download metrics are the most difficult to track. While a CPI marketing company may succeed in garnering many installs for your app, it’s still difficult to work out how much to pay the company. That’s because a user may install an app free of charge but then fail to ever use it. If you pay the advertising channel merely through app downloads, you may never recoup your investment. Generally, you should pay the campaign provider only when the user brings real value.

  1. What Are Their Rates

After everything is said and done, you’d want a CPI advertising channel that charges reasonable rates. However, when it comes to mobile app marketing, never go looking for the bargain of the century. Most CPI advertising companies understand the intricacies involved in pulling successful CPI campaigns and as such, they will charge you depending on the expected input.

To determine whether the company’s asking price is reasonable or not, do a little background check on what the market averages are. You can then negotiate with the company from a point of information.


Choosing your ideal CPI campaign provider needs not be a painstaking process. Not when there’s a competent company like MobieRanker.

With over one million followers, this is just the right advertisement channel to give your mobile apps the much-needed exposure. Buy app downloads from MobieRanker, and be part of their long history of excellence in CPI marketing.

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Brand New ESO Warden Guide


Well, Elder scrolls is turning out to be such an interesting game. Here, the warden is described as being an adaptable class who is made to offer support to players in battle as well as protecting allies. What makes the warden so unique is his ability to use nature, where he uses the wilds in Tamriel to inflict punishment on enemies. Here is an ESO warden Guide;

1.Skill Trees
The Warden Has a total of three skill trees namely;Green Balance, Animal companion and Winter’s Embrace.Each of these skill trees has crucial roles
A)Green balance-Healing skill line
B)Animal companion-For damage dealers
C)Winter’s embrace-Protecting and tanking with shields

A)Animal Companion(Damage dealing)
Using animal companion, the warden is able to call upon some of the powerful animals to come and assault the enemy.

Active Abilities
1.Diving-Here, you command a cliff racer to dive. Then bomb the enemy. Here there are two types of dives namely
-cutting dive-Here, you give command to the cliff race to bomb the enemy and damage them physically
-Screaming cliff racer-Here, you give the command to the cliff racer and the damage is done through magic.

2.Scorch-Here, you organize a group of shalk. They attack after every 3 seconds. Again, here there are two types of scorch;
-Deep Fissure- Attack using magic
-Subterranean Assault- Attack using poisonous substances

3.Swarm-Here, you release swarm of Fetcher flies to attack the enemy. There are two types of scorch
Fletcher infection-release the Fletcher flies to attack relentlessly
Growing swarm-attack relentlessly with magic

4.Betty Netch- Here, you call a Betty netch which restores magic after 20 sec
Blue Betty
Bull netch

5.Falcon’ swiftness-Invoking the spirit of agility to take over.
Birds of prey
Deceptive Predator

Green Balance-Healing
When using the green balance feature, your warden uses this feature to acquire healing and protection from nature. It helps a lot especially if you ant to keep all your team mates alive.

Active Abilities
1.Fungus development-Here a large area of mushroom that you plant heals you and your team mates. It is divided into;
Enchanted growth-Heals up to a radius of 60 degrees
Soothing sores-Heals up to a radius of 60 degrees

2.Healing Seed-Here, a field of flowers, which always blossom after 6 seconds and heals you and 6 team mates. It is divided into two;
Corrupt pollen
Budding seeds

3.Living Vines-These vines always heal your team mates each time they receive any damage. It is divided into;
Leeching vines
Living Trellis

4.Lotus Flower-I has a light attack which restores health back to you. It is divided into,
Green lotus
Lotus blossom

Winter’s Embrace
Using winters embrace, the warden is able to manipulate the cold and create shields and barriers.

Active Abilities
Frost Cloak- Here, you are able to wrack an ice cloak around you and 6 of your team mates who are within a radius of 28 m. It is divided into;
Expansive frost cloak
Ice Fortress
Arctic Wind-Cover yourself into winter healths, and get a 10% healing. It is divided into;
Polar wind
Arctic Blast

Impaling Shards-Scare away enemies with impaling shards up to a diameter of 6 meters. Its done through;
Gripping shards
Winters Revenge

Crystallized Shield-Here, you spin a shield of ice in order to absorb projectiles. Its done in two ways;
Crystallized slab
Shimmering Shield

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The Best New SW Dragons Team?


Summoners War is a mobile turn-based multiplayer online game that’s available for both the Android and iOS devices. This video game was developed by Com2uS, a South-Korean developer and was officially released in June 2014. The game has more than 90 million downloads and has a large fan-base that cut across all the age groups.
Game features

This is a high player base mobile-MMORPG video game that has been crafted with some fun combat mechanics. It features built-in advice and guides forums for every monster. There are several monsters each with its own special features and weak points- a proper combination of the different monsters will let you advance up the ranks with less of a hassle. This monster collection is available for the players to pick based on their levels, taste, and preference.

There’s also an option to build your kingdom off the ground with the sky Island Headquarters. This RPG, fantasy-inspired video game comes with awesome and critical effects where players can shift between the 1P and PvP modes. With these modes, one can choose to play solo or online with an opponent.

With the Summoners wars, players act as Summoners; they open scrolls and summon an array of creatures and monsters to fight in a time-limited battle. The gameplay features a well-defined summoning system that offers an in-depth customization blend that supports a plethora of play tactics.

Players enjoy the convenience of selecting their monsters and enter a beautifully-crafted 3D RPG combat arena. Each and every fighting beast in the Summoners War boasts some unique capabilities that give it the advantage to execute some combat roles. Most of these roles are not available with the other monster-collecting mobile games in the market making it a strong selling point for the Summoners Wars.

Players participate in the combat using monsters who fight in real time. The command and interactive element are exclusively customized with the Summoners wars.
Progression path

A normal progression for the Player Versus Environment, PvE include five steps. These are Scenarios, Giant’s keep, Dragon’s Lair, Trial of Ascension and the Raids. Each of these steps has a fighting tactic, the best combination of monsters, the highs, and lows.

The scenarios are the very first progression step where you get rewards for successfully clearing all the 7 stages. Here the monster types don’t really affect the gameplay since it’s more of an introductory stage.
As you proceed past the challenging steps, you get to the Raids stage. Here, you find an opportunity to join hands with a couple of friends then unleash your combined team on one massive raid boss. On this step, your selected team runs more on auto-pilot, hence you’ve less control on the game.

Checkout the best new DB10 team: Summoners war dragons team
Choosing the right team of monsters seems to be a critical aspect of the game. The teams are supposed to perform beyond their individual limits for that incredible gameplay. The trick is to choose monsters which can seek excellence without relying solely on the RNG. As you progress, you’ll earn some Red Crystals to buy the Premium Packs. You’ll also get the Light Scrolls and Mystical Scrolls which will eventually earn you a good starter pack of monsters. Below are some of the free-to-play suggestions.

The Giant’s Keep- B10
Here you can have Veromos as the leader (dark-ifrit; fused), Shannon (wind-pixie: 2-star scrolls), Bernard (wind-griffon: 3-star Tamor Desert) and Belladeon (light-inugami: secret- Dungeon). Ahman and Darion can also be added to your squad and used interchangeably to fit the team.

Dragon’s Lair- B10

With this setting, using Baretta as the leader seems to work best. You can also choose Veromon, Konamiya, Belladeon, and Mikene (water-undine: fused) for your favorite team.

On the front line, you can have Xion Fei, the fire panda-warrior with a 5-star fusion. Talc and Copper can also join the team. Darion, Konamiya, Colleen, and Belledeon are the other top options.

For the other stages such as Necropolis B-10; choosing the perfect combination can be a bit involving. It can also be an easy experience especially after successfully putting together a great team in the previous stages.

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