How to Choose Your Ideal CPI Campaign Provider

The Need for a Competent CPI Advertisement Network

Cost per Install is one of the most advanced forms of digital marketing. And like most internet marketing techniques, your success with CPI marketing depends on the kind of campaign provider you choose. Since CPI is exclusively targeted at mobile applications, it pays to choose a provider that’s experienced in the dynamics of mobile app marketing.

Remember that the mobile app industry is ever-evolving. There are always newer and better products coming up. Indeed, you may have developed one of the most intuitive applications today. However, you must engage a professional campaign provider if you wish to give your app enough exposure. Otherwise, the product will surely be rendered obsolete even before you can recoup your investment on it.

One of the best things about CPI is that results are trackable. As the app developer, you’ll always know when a campaign results in a real app install. However, it takes mastery in CPI marketing to get the average internet user to open an ad, follow a download link and install an app. Fortunately, there are numerous companies out there that can help you realize your mobile app promotion goals. You only have to know where to look.

How to Choose Your Ideal Advertising Network

The following are some of the factors to look out for when choosing a CPI advertising channel.

  1. Understand Their Niche

One unique thing about most mobile apps is that they’re often targeted at specific demographics. As such, you require a campaign provider that understands the spending patterns of members of that particular demographic. For instance, the kinds of consumers that install gaming apps are quite different from those that install fitness apps.

Don’t shy away from asking the company about the areas they specialize in. If they’re specialized in a niche similar to that of your mobile app, then they’re worth considering for your CPI campaigns. As far as possible, avoid companies that deal in generic mobile app marketing.

Remember that you wish to see your product reach its specific target audience with military precision. Therefore, the last thing you want is a jack of all trades. That underscores the importance of hiring established CPI campaign providers. However diversified such companies are, you’ll always find an experienced member of their team that deals with the niche your app serves.

  1. Collaborations with Other Companies

Some CPI advertisement companies collaborate with other ad networks to widen the scope of their marketing campaigns. Collaboration with several ad networks is great in terms of ensuring your mobile app receives a wider exposure. However, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee results.

The fact that most people can view an ad doesn’t necessarily imply they will take action. For more targeted efforts, you can choose a company that employs a set of pool apps where they advertise in. That’s especially true if the apps all belong to the same niche.

  1. What Are The Metrics Involved?

A mobile app is a business and as such, it should always be able to generate continuous income. To make that happen, you must choose a platform that offers various metrics for tracking your payouts. That implies dictating how your app generates income.

There are numerous ways you can monetize your app. You can choose to monetize it when a user makes their first purchase or when they spend a certain amount of money. A gaming app may be monetized when the user reaches particular levels in the game. There are also free-to-download apps which you monetize through in-app transactions.

Free-to-download metrics are the most difficult to track. While a CPI marketing company may succeed in garnering many installs for your app, it’s still difficult to work out how much to pay the company. That’s because a user may install an app free of charge but then fail to ever use it. If you pay the advertising channel merely through app downloads, you may never recoup your investment. Generally, you should pay the campaign provider only when the user brings real value.

  1. What Are Their Rates

After everything is said and done, you’d want a CPI advertising channel that charges reasonable rates. However, when it comes to mobile app marketing, never go looking for the bargain of the century. Most CPI advertising companies understand the intricacies involved in pulling successful CPI campaigns and as such, they will charge you depending on the expected input.

To determine whether the company’s asking price is reasonable or not, do a little background check on what the market averages are. You can then negotiate with the company from a point of information.


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