Brand New ESO Warden Guide


Well, Elder scrolls is turning out to be such an interesting game. Here, the warden is described as being an adaptable class who is made to offer support to players in battle as well as protecting allies. What makes the warden so unique is his ability to use nature, where he uses the wilds in Tamriel to inflict punishment on enemies. Here is an ESO warden Guide;

1.Skill Trees
The Warden Has a total of three skill trees namely;Green Balance, Animal companion and Winter’s Embrace.Each of these skill trees has crucial roles
A)Green balance-Healing skill line
B)Animal companion-For damage dealers
C)Winter’s embrace-Protecting and tanking with shields

A)Animal Companion(Damage dealing)
Using animal companion, the warden is able to call upon some of the powerful animals to come and assault the enemy.

Active Abilities
1.Diving-Here, you command a cliff racer to dive. Then bomb the enemy. Here there are two types of dives namely
-cutting dive-Here, you give command to the cliff race to bomb the enemy and damage them physically
-Screaming cliff racer-Here, you give the command to the cliff racer and the damage is done through magic.

2.Scorch-Here, you organize a group of shalk. They attack after every 3 seconds. Again, here there are two types of scorch;
-Deep Fissure- Attack using magic
-Subterranean Assault- Attack using poisonous substances

3.Swarm-Here, you release swarm of Fetcher flies to attack the enemy. There are two types of scorch
Fletcher infection-release the Fletcher flies to attack relentlessly
Growing swarm-attack relentlessly with magic

4.Betty Netch- Here, you call a Betty netch which restores magic after 20 sec
Blue Betty
Bull netch

5.Falcon’ swiftness-Invoking the spirit of agility to take over.
Birds of prey
Deceptive Predator

Green Balance-Healing
When using the green balance feature, your warden uses this feature to acquire healing and protection from nature. It helps a lot especially if you ant to keep all your team mates alive.

Active Abilities
1.Fungus development-Here a large area of mushroom that you plant heals you and your team mates. It is divided into;
Enchanted growth-Heals up to a radius of 60 degrees
Soothing sores-Heals up to a radius of 60 degrees

2.Healing Seed-Here, a field of flowers, which always blossom after 6 seconds and heals you and 6 team mates. It is divided into two;
Corrupt pollen
Budding seeds

3.Living Vines-These vines always heal your team mates each time they receive any damage. It is divided into;
Leeching vines
Living Trellis

4.Lotus Flower-I has a light attack which restores health back to you. It is divided into,
Green lotus
Lotus blossom

Winter’s Embrace
Using winters embrace, the warden is able to manipulate the cold and create shields and barriers.

Active Abilities
Frost Cloak- Here, you are able to wrack an ice cloak around you and 6 of your team mates who are within a radius of 28 m. It is divided into;
Expansive frost cloak
Ice Fortress
Arctic Wind-Cover yourself into winter healths, and get a 10% healing. It is divided into;
Polar wind
Arctic Blast

Impaling Shards-Scare away enemies with impaling shards up to a diameter of 6 meters. Its done through;
Gripping shards
Winters Revenge

Crystallized Shield-Here, you spin a shield of ice in order to absorb projectiles. Its done in two ways;
Crystallized slab
Shimmering Shield

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