17 SEO Tips for Small Businesses to Get More Organic Traffic


Do you think creating effective SEO strategy for small business is complicated and time consuming? Here is a complete guide to understand SEO in a better way so that you can analyze a website and implement effective search engine optimization techniques that will help grow your business.

Initial process –

The initial process starts when you decide to make a website SEO friendly. From domain selection to keyword research, you need to be choosy. This can help you get better results in less time.

Domain Selection – Suppose your targeted country is United Kingdom, you should go for the domains with .co.uk extensions.

Targeted Area – You need to choose your business area and write urls, content accordingly. This will help Google understand your business easily.

Keyword Research – Selection of right keywords is useful when it comes to target audiences from a specific location, niche. There are many keyword research tools. Google Adwords keyword Planner tool is one among some widely used keyword research tools.

On-Page SEO  –

On-page SEO is very crucial and you need to implement in a way that website can be easily found by search engines like Google and Bing. Here is a list of important on-page SEO tips that will help improve your small business website.

  1. Site Navigation – Site Navigation should be okay. You need to follow Site Silo Architecture in a way that search engines bots can crawl the site easily.
  2. Url – rewriting – You can’t ignore the importance of SEO-friendly urls. You need to write page/post urls in the way they are offering the services. For example, www.xyz.com/iofno09? Will be better if its written in SEO format as – www.xyz.com/service-keyword
  3. Content Optimization – For better SEO of your small business website, you should do interlinking among content pages. Adding proper heading tags, making important words bold, using effective images and videos and implementing no-follow for external links will surely help your website content to perform better in search results.
  4. Meta Tags – Meta tags are important because Google understands your posts/pages easily through these tags and shows them to users in search results pages.
  5. Create Sitemap – An Xml sitemap is necessary for search engines to easily reach your urls and crawl them for indexing.
  6. Install Social icons – Social icons on a website help to make good reputation in Google eyes and also these icons help to drive traffic from top social media sites.
  7. Install Google Maps – If you have a physical location for your small business, don’t forget to add your business to Google maps .You can get the embed code from there and insert in your website for better SEO.
  8. Use Webmaster Tools and Analytics – Google webmaster tools and analytics not only help you to understand website performance better so that you can analyze and implement the required steps for better business revenue.
  9. Get 301/404 errors fixed – If your website has 301 or 404 errors, you are recommended to fix these errors through help of .htaccess and other SEO techniques.


Off-page SEO  –

After completion of On-page optimization, it is recommended for small business website owners to go for off-page SEO techniques. Off-Page SEO helps business sites to drive quality traffic from search engines. Here is a list of important link-building techniques which can help your website to get better results.

  1. Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking helps users to save/store links on the online platforms. Submissions on do-follow SB sites help to get better link building.
  2. Blog/Article Posting – Blog posting and Article posting is one of the safest and widely used off-page SEO methods by the top SEO specialists.
  3. Infographics Creation and Submission – You can create awesome infographics for your website and submit over top image/infographics sharing websites. This will help your website to get better backlinks.
  4. Documents Creation and Posting – This is a good method to create power-point templates and submit over top document sharing websites.
  5. Forum Posting – To get attention of local visitors, this is a great technique.
  6. Classified Submissions – Classified Submissions help for a business to get calls quickly from top ad-posting websites.
  7. Blog Commenting – Blog commenting is a method to drive visitors and make good relations with the bloggers.
  8. Local Listings – This is an important technique to list your small business website over top local listing websites.


Final Words – Because of several Google updates and algorithm changes, SEO is not a cup of tea for everybody, but if you start promoting your website in a natural way, it is sure you will get better SEO results. If you own a business and are looking to grow your monthly revenue I would suggest hiring a Los Angeles SEO Company like PaceSEM. I have learned everything I know about SEO and digital marketing from them, from all the case studies I see on their website they get great results for their clients.


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